The Nintendo Switch Games I’m Playing Right Now

I don’t have much time in my current day to day, what with work, screenwriting and 6am workouts. #NoDaysOffBro That’s why I love the Nintendo Switch, because of its accessibility and convenience. I can pick it up and play for an hour or two, as most of its games are bite sized, and approachable. Here’s a few of the games I’ve been playing lately.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

First up is Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. I both loved and hated the original Donkey Kong back on Super Nintendo. Loved the beautiful art style, and hated the crushing difficulty. Tropical Freeze is similar with its 2D style, with great visuals and fluid gameplay. It’s hard as nails, but fair. It’s a lot of fun and luckily the levels aren’t too long, so I won’t risk breaking my switch with a rage quit.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury

This game, like Tropical Freeze is another Wii U port, but has Bowser’s Fury as an additional mini game. Bowser’s Fury is a bit short but has a fresh take on the 3D Mario style. It’s worth a play through. The real fun is Super Mario 3D World. I never owned a Wii U so all of these ports are brand new to me. Creativity and imagination are on full display here, and I know some people might feel Mario is stale and played out, but honestly there’s NOTHING like a Super Mario platformer. The sound effects, the colors, the nostalgia, it’s unbelievable, classic fun and should be in your daily gaming rotation.

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Rayman has had a few changes over the years, going from 3D adventure to 2D side scroller. The old school Playstation One Rayman games were fun (for the time), but were a little janky. Rayman Legends is side scrolling perfection. There is SOOO much content in this game, with dozens upon dozens of levels, all with amazing variety. The art style is reminiscent of a hand drawn cartoon. I’ve dumped over 20 hours into this game and haven’t come close to beating all the levels. The main thing I love about Rayman Legends, is the fact that most levels are pretty short, so if you’re strapped for time you can knock a few levels, have a great time and get on with your day! Can’t beat that.

These are just a few of the Switch titles that I’m playing this month. Let me know if you dig these games too!


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