The Gorgon and The Robot

Quale The Gorgon

I was digging through my old files and found some old concept art! A few years ago I developed an idea for a story about a Gorgon who worked as an optometrist. A Gorgon is a mythical creature with the ability or rather, curse to turn anyone she sees into stone. Living her life in secret and disguised as a human, she Ironically is an expert of the eye, helping hundreds of people cure their ocular and vision problems by day. By night her human disguise turns off and she is forced to hide from bounty hunters and cope with a life of loneliness. She has never known love as every man she has set her eyes on has turned to stone.

Green The Bot

Green is a runaway artificial intelligent droid, who saves Quale from an encounter with a murderous bounty hunter. Green is a self-aware robot who questions his purpose and existence, he feels no emotion. Quale learns that she cannot turn Green into stone because her curse has nothing to do with the eyes of the recipient, but rather their soul. Green is a robot who doesn’t have a soul so Quale cannot turn him into stone. She falls in love with him, but Green knows nothing of this “love” emotion she speaks of. In the midst of this forbidden love affair the bounty hunters close in on Quale. She is the last of her kind and there are people who will pay top dollar for her head. Will she and Green prevail?

Just an idea I had a while back that I may or may not return to!

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