My 9th Grade Report Card



This is a report card from my freshman year in high school way back in 2003! The school was Mojave High, and it wasn’t exactly the bar setter when it came to quality academics. In 2007 we were on CNN completely locked down when a co-worker of mine came up to the school with an AK-47, and a backpack full of handguns, true story! I digress. Let me breakdown my first high school report card with you you.

  1. If you look closely I received a D in algebra. The short version is that I suck at math, CURSE YOU DYSLEXIA!
  2. I am proud to admit that I received A’s all across the board in English (except for one B), I would say that’s a pretty good indicator that I was destined to be a writer. That or an English teacher.
  3.  My grades were all over the place in Health/Sex ed class. Between me and you I was GROSSLY mistaken on what exactly Sex ed was going to teach us.
  4. Yes, you’re eyes are not deceiving you I did indeed fail every quarter of P.E. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “how in the world does one FAIL P.E.?” The short version is a very dumb and in hindsight silly story. This particular P.E. class had a strict MUST DRESS OUT policy, meaning that you had to wear gym uniforms every day. Unfortunately my P.E. class was scheduled right before lunch, and this was when our school was doing the one lunch time rule, which meant that the entire school went to lunch at the same time! Thousands of students running from every corner of the school to get in line at the cafeterias, and there were plenty of times where I didn’t even get to eat lunch because I spent too much time changing clothes in P.E.! With all that being said, I sat out everyday which meant that I put the pursuit of  chicken tenders and fries over my fitness and grades. Yes, I agree that does sound ridiculous.
  5. My Art experience ranged from average to shameful, or in the teachers words, paint brushes to crayons.
  6. Finally we get to the Principals of Science, which I am surprised to see that I did fairly decent in. Go figure!

All in all I honesty wish I could go back, and do a little a better in high school, and maybe skip a few cafeteria marathons. Those chicken tenders were pretty good though.

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