Short Story: “Karma Is Cosmic”


Sometimes I gaze out my stained window pondering two philosophies. To be “saved”… and to truly be “crazy”. The two definitions of “save” are, 1. To rescue from harm, and 2. To keep for future use. I wonder about that. I wonder what we’re being saved from, and what we’re being saved for. Maybe we’re not meant to find out, maybe we are, maybe karma is being pushed down by the cosmos forming our future foot steps as we unknowing step into them. To be saved is cosmic, and to know why is relative. The definition of crazy is even more relative, falling into the eye of the beholder, because after all crazy people never THINK their crazy. What you call insanity might actually be enlightenment; a man free of misery and pain, who has an entirely different outlook on life. Crazy people never THINK their crazy; they actually believe they are getting saner, gaining more clarity on the most intricate mysteries of the universe. If anything CRAZY people think that YOU are crazy. Crazy right? Karma like dreams has a mysterious process, but both serve an inspirational purpose. What I love the most about deep thinking is someone as close as next door, or as far as the edge of the universe is pondering the same thing as you.


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