Top 5 Seasons of Seinfeld


Seinfeld is just that special of a show where you have to rank it by season, not just by the episode. I first got wind of Seinfeld a tad late, going back to the early days of Netflix when ordering dvd’s through the mail was their only option (man I feel old). With every dvd of every season in our cue, I was able to get aquatinted with Seinfeld 1 business day at a time. without further ado here is my top five seasons of Seinfeld.


Season 6

Notable Episodes: The Jimmy, The Big Salad, The Doorman, The Couch

Seinfeld’s main cast is funny enough, but it’s their supporting cast, the reoccurring characters that really turn the funny meter past 10. Characters like Poppie, and Frank & Estelle Costanza among others are back, and new comers like Jimmy and The doorman (played well by Larry Miller) are a laugh riot. “If it was a regular salad I wouldn’t have said anything, but you had to have the BIIIIIIIIG salad!”.

the tape

Season 3

Notable Episodes: The Tape, The Note, The Red Dot, The Nose Job

Season three of Seinfeld was actually the first season of the show I actually watched with The Tape being my first episode. The Limo & The Parking Garage were comedic genius with the former being mostly shot in a limo the entire episode, and the latter being shot entirely in a parking garage. There’s a saying that season three of any TV show is always the best season (count how many times the word season appears in this article). Season three may not be their best, but man was it funny. “Is that cashmere?”

puffy shirt

Season 5

Notable Episodes: The Puffy Shirt, The Mango, The Sniffling Accountant,  The Bris, The Opposite

Season five was filled with classic episodes, and crazy antics. the season starts off with George moving back in with his crazy parents (I feel his pain), Kramer and his low talking date, Jerry suspecting his accountant may be a drug addict, and Elaine catching rabies from a strange dog; and that’s just the first four episodes! “I think it moved!”



Season 7

Notable Episodes: The Soup Nazi, The Engagement, The Maestro, The Doll, The Rye

Season seven was one of their story-arc seasons where George got engaged to Susan (spoiler alert – it does not end well). This is another season filled with classic episodes and funny reoccurring characters like The Pool guy, The soup Nazi and J. Peterman. Jerry makes an enemy out of a pool guy, Susan has a doll that looks just like George’s mother (it’s scary), Elaine dates a guy who likes to be called the Maestro… even when he’s not conducting. There’s a lot more to see in this season”NO SOUP FOR YOU Come back 1 year!”


Season 4

Notable Episodes: Too many to name.

Literally every episode of this season is my favorite, and this is the first season of their story-arc format (and it was a game changer!). First Kramer is suspected of being a serial killer in LA, then Jerry is offered a potential pilot for NBC one that George then proceeds to almost ruin, Elaine gets all weird when one of Jerry’s ex’s compliments her on her shoes, they all get lost at the movies, they all partake in a masturbation (master of your domain) contest, they all encounter a funked-out car, Kramer gets a little too clumsy with a Junior Mint. I can literally write all day about season 4 and still have antics and references I’d forget to include. “My mother caught me.”


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