Pixelated Spotlight: Ellie


Soul Survivor

Ellie is the true definition of problem child, not in the traditional sense with the skipping of school, staying out late, and talking back to her parents; no Ellie is a PROBLEM with a bow and arrow, a PROBLEM with a knife, and a definite problem when is comes to this whole “fungus” epidemic. She’s infected but seems to be immune to the disease that has killed millions, and in a way is a savior (*coughs* Elizabeth) for all mankind. She fancies video games and comic books, and even tries her hand at comedy. Ellie was born into this wasteland of a world, and knows very little of the world before the outbreak. Right before her mother died she enlisted Marlene to look after her. Somewhere along the way she befriends Riley, a rambunctious girl that at times can be a reckless influence on her, but unfortunately Riley gets “Left Behind” (see what I did there…).

When Marlene gets injured she brings Tess and Joel in for the “Ellie Escort Mission”. Ellie is the glass half full type of girl who despite living in the great depression is still able to find joy in the small things, like trekking across a dangerous country side filled with hostiles and the infected. When Tess gets left behind Joel and Ellie have to trek all the way to Salt Lake City themselves. The plan is to take Ellie to a research lab to be studied, but Joel isn’t the “on the road again” happy go lucky type. In fact Joel sees Ellie as an annoying burden that reminds him a little too much of his deceased daughter, but they eventually grow on each other. She then comes across a boy Sam, and his older brother Henry. Ellie and Sam are around the same age and have a lot in common, both being infected and all. Unfortunately Henry and Sam get left behind. Ellie seems to have that Kratos type of luck, seeing that everyone she comes in contact with dies. When Joel gets seriously injured she is forced to go out on her own to retrieve medicine. This is where we see what she’s really made of, making her way through a snow riddled compound racking a body count that would rival Max Payne’s (seriously!). She eventually finds herself in a burning restaurant being chased by a hebephile with a machete. My money is on Ellie.

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