Ten of The Best Family Guy Cutaway Gags

This is worse than the time…

The Family Guy cutaway gag was genius, and even though it hasn’t aged like fine wine, I want to look back on some of the best cutaways from season 2.

Black To The Future

“From the cats who brought you Caddy Black, Black Draft, and Black Kramer vs. Kramer comes a funky flick so bad you’re gonna say DAMN that’s funky!” This cutaway was a little longer than average, but DAMN is it funky! Classic!

Surround Sound Earphones.

Joe, earphones and a Stephen Segal flick equals pure comedy. Classic!

Boring Drive-In

Peter recalls going to a drive-in movie parked backwards, only to say “This sucks!” This was classic! no other words need to be spoken about this cutaway. Classic!

Kentucky Fried Ignorance

Peter flies all the way to Kentucky in hopes of meeting The Colonel, but instead gets an ebonic speaking clerk that bares a striking resemblance to Cletus from The Simpsons. Classic!

God vs. Einstein

“Look how tiny they are!” God is chefing up a fresh batch of shrinky dinks, when Albert Einstein rushes him from behind, slamming his head with the oven door and stealing the shrinky dinks. Classic!

Peter and the Dinosaurs

Peter recalls a childhood memory of being at the museum, and asking the curator about the fate of the dinosaurs. He replies with “because you touch yourself at night.” Classic!

Dat Growth

Peter goes to the doctor to get a “growth” checked out, only to be told that it was his penis and testicles. It’s ok Peter I had that checked out too. Classic!

Drive-by Argument

“Oh Reginald. I disagree.” ZOOM! Classic!

Hit Me

Peter and Lois are in Atlantic City playing Blackjack. Peter gets a little too trigger happy with the “hit me” button as he not only hits 21, but eventually ends up with 30. Tough break. Classic!

Developing Teens

Things get a little bumpy (see what I did there) when Peter starts to notice girls developing at school. Things get even more bumpy when he himself starts to develop. Classic!

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