Pixelated Spotlight: Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf

There’s A Wolf At The Door

Bigby Wolf formally known as the Big Bad Wolf is sheriff of Fabletown, and a fable himself. He smokes the cheapest brand of cigarettes, and has the shortest temper of any fable in town. He is as old as time itself (seemingly) and wishes people would get past such fairy tales as The Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs, In all honestly Bigby really is a different person now being able to change into human form and back into full on werewolf when needed. While in human form he still retains many of his “wolf” traits such as his heightened sense of smell, which is so acute that to prevent sensory overload he has to constantly smoke to deaden his senses. But no matter how hard he tries he can’t shake the scent of Snow White, it’s to the point that Bigby is aware of Snow’s location every hour of everyday. Mr. Wolf certainly has a lot going on being to go to sheriff/detective of Fabletown.

When two murders occur back-to-back, Snow and Bigby go looking for answer. What I love about Bigby is his no BS attitude. He’s an authority figure but in no way is he a boy scout out to get his tent-pitching badge. He’s out for answers and he’ll break noses, and rip arms off to get them. Snow White is his voice of reason and his obvious love interest. Snow is traditional and only cares about the law. She also cares about Bigby but she tries to keep her feeling suppressed. The list of fables that Bigby and Snow run across is star studded. They come across Toad, The Woodsman, Ichabod Crane, Bluebeard, Bloody Mary and Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and many others.

The dark alleys and seedy bars that this mystery takes you into are poetic in a film noir way. Bigby is no fool and with his town at stake you shouldn’t make him angry, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Cliché I know but it’s the truth, when Bigby throws down he goes into the four stages of wolf. Going from a little hairy to supreme werewolf leaving limbs and torn out throats in his path. I have nothing but respect for Bigby Wolf because like me, he’s just a little misunderstood.

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