Pixelated Spotlight: Elizabeth


An Infinite Number Of Hearts To Break

Elizabeth is a smart girl, but she’s also under a lot of pressure. You would be too if all you’ve heard your entire life is that you’re a miracle child here to bring favor and grace to the city of Columbia. She is a tad special I might add, being able to manipulate space and time through tears, being able to not only see into an entirely different universe, but jump to it. Born in 1893 Elizabeth has not seen much other than the flying city know as Columbia. Initially she didn’t know much outside of the tower on Monument Island. Her earliest memories took place in observation rooms where scientists monitored her through one-way mirrors, spying on her behavior in her bedroom, bathroom, library, dressing room, and dining room. Zachary Comstock, Elizabeth’s (so called) father is the man behind all of this; he’s a fanatical religious extremist who just so happens to be the founder and “Great Prophet” of Columbia. Under Comstock’s rule she was treated as a specimen in a jar being locked up and kept guard by a giant mechanical monstrosity. Songbird, an unstoppable killing machine with only one job to do. Keep Elizabeth in Monument Tower.

After being jail broken by Booker Dewitt, a man with more mistakes than strands of hair on his head. Elizabeth is sprung and tossed right to the flying city; her heart and eyes fill with amazement by seeing something as simple as a boardwalk with people playing instruments and dancing in a circle. She joins in and loves it. Booker and Elizabeth run for their lives though the streets of Columbia crossing paths with the likes of Robert and Rosalind Lutece, a set of higher dimensional twins (they’re actually the same person but from different universes) hell bent on confusing you with their riddles. They also run into an old war comrade Cornelius Slate, Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi (a determined insurgency group who’s not too keen on Comstock), Jeremiah Fink (founder of Fink manufacturing) and even the ghost of her (so called) mother Lady Comstock.

Jumping from universe to universe hasn’t made her forget her dreams of Paris, and one day living out her days there, but all she has to go on is pictures from books she’s read, and temporary tears she was able to open at the tower. Elizabeth is dealing with some major daddy issues, but when Monument Tower was eventfully destroyed, her tear-opening powers went from10% to MAX. With her newfound power she is able to see behind ALL of the doors, into any and every universe, at any and every possible time. With this newfound power she finds the truth. If I could give her one piece of advise, it would be to stay far away from Rapture.

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