Pixelated Spotlight: MAX PAYNE



A Man On A Mission

There aren’t many people walking the earth that have seen and caused as much carnage as Max Payne. Coming from a troubled home with troubled parents mixing a violent drunk, Jack Payne, and a sympathetic mother Helen Payne, it would only be a matter of time before Jack killed Max’s mother in a violent outburst. Jack died in 1979 leaving Max an orphan. Moving forward to an adult Max with a body count of over 1000 it’s hard to imagine that this man once sported a badge, and vowed to serve & protect. After all how could you blame the man, in 2001 his wife and baby daughter were murdered by junkies, high on a new designer drug called Valkyr. Seemingly everyone he came in contact with perished in a blaze of bullets. New York City had a lot going on at the time. The Punchinello family had a tight grip on typical mafia relations, The entire NYPD went on a city wide manhunt for Max, Nicole Horne and the Aesir Corporation was running wild with the manufacturing and distribution of Valkyr; and even a fence jumping Russian by the name of Vladimir Lem, and his loyal army wanted a piece of Max . With assistance from a secret society that goes by the name of the Inner Circle, Max was able to take down all of the above in ruthless fashion, leaving nothing but blood and shell casings behind him.


Max Payne’s journey of vengeance and absolution lead him on a three-year trek down every dark alley in NYC, eventually resulting in the death of every crime boss, corrupt cop, and anyone else who got in his way. He would eventually find out that his wife Michelle was killed because she knew too much about a power woman. Nicole Horne. Max gave her the long goodbye at the top of the Aesir building. On his path of revenge he would come across Mona Sax. A beautiful temptress with much to hide, and gun bigger than Max’s. Getting to the real question is she a love interest?, or just a distraction? At the end of the day Max isn’t a bad man he just has bad luck, but he’s on a mission to fix that, one bullet at a time.

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